Looking for an election alternative? Here it is:

Party of Life
An Imagine That! Movement


2019-2020 Platform:

  1. Elimination of Abortion: through family incentives, rather than criminalization of mothers.
  2. Impementation of a Living Wage: Step-up, Step-down Equalizer
  3. Conversion and complete Dismantling of the current Military-Industrial-Complex: A complete foreign-based military withdrawal to a domestic-based self-defense police force.



  1. Elimination of Abortion, through family incentives, rather than criminalization and locking up of mothers.
    1. A Monetary bonus upon birth of a child
    2. Creation of a government subsidized living wage job (as below) as a parent until the child reaches the age of adulthood
    3. More children, additional benefits
  2. Living Wage: Step-up, Step-down equalizer
    1. Be able to live and support a family with one minimum wage
      1. With a living wage a worker should be able to: Rent an apartment or house, buy food, have transporation and be able to buy school supplies (child expenses also met through additional child, family benefits), and afford a family medical plan.
      2. A medical plan that is not deducted from any year-end tax refunds, should be made available by the government, or made affordable with a living wage.
    2. The minimum wage will remain the same for businesses, but with the government matching funds directly in every paycheck; increasing the pay to the minimum living wage amount per pay period, for any pay less.
    3. The Living Wage will be subsidized by point #3 that follows and also an increased contribution by progressive contributions by those receiving more than the living wage. Contributions increasing in percentage by amount made, to meet the living wage equalizing funds.
  3. Conversion and complete Dismantling of the current Military-Industrial-Complex. A complete foreign-based military withdrawal to a domestic-based self-defense police force, bread and butter operations and foreign aid.
    1. Withdraw support of propping up foreign governments and agencies at the expense of their own populations, for neo-colonistic exploitation.
    2. Funds, in the gizillions, will be used as foreign aid, food and medicines, thus eliminating threats:
      1. A Common Sense approach: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Helping and giving is an effective defense, as well as moral imperatives.
      2. Just a percentage of the current military budget (open and secret) used for bombs, bullets and the taking of lives, re-allocated, could eliminate hunger in all of Africa. Imagine That!
    3. Raising of the minimum age to buy any firearms to 75 years old.
    4. Hunting firearm conversion to crossbow and archery forms.
    5. Promotion of a domestic ‘open society’; with elimination of secret expenditures, agencies, surveilance, and other police state tendencies and brutality, with those funds being funnelled into open expenditures of life-giving human necessities.



Current party candidate; president, senator, representative, town council, etc: Brother Jim

Want to be a Lifer?
All you have to do to join is write-in the candidate name (write: Brother Jim) on the next election ballot that comes around.


Note: Campaign donations are not solicited and are not accepted, as there are no further campaign expenditures.

Imagine That!